CYNC House, our new 80,000 sqft home in Nottingham.

So this year we have done mostly everything I have always said a business should never do.

On the 1st December we took occupancy on our new 80,000 sqft premises in Nottingham. We took on three major new clients and clawed our way through our busiest peak to date……….. all at the same time!

We’ve all gone through the pain of moving house, something as allegedly as stressful as death and divorce. Imagine multiplying a house move by 80,000.

Would I do it again? No. but do I regret it? No.

This experience has brought us as a team closer together and strengthen our working relationships with our clients.
And now we are proud to call CYNC House our new home.

Blessed with investment and a Board that genuinely believes in our ability to serve our clients, we have now fully racked our warehouse with over 60% of this 80,000 sqft unit being specifically designed for either over-height or overhang product.

In addition to this we have taken the first of several deliveries of tote picking bins to help us serve the growing demand for smaller hand picked and packed items.

Our operation has become more streamlined, not just because of the size of the unit demands it, but the layout of the building, the investment in fibre broadband and signal boosting systems throughout the site allow for it. Stock is stored by carrier and with a 5k SQFT covered canopy for container Devan as well as goods out loading, damages to product whilst in our care is just no longer an issue.

Not just the benefit of a great site, perfectly designed for our needs, we are now just half a mile away from our delivery partners, Parcelhub. This means that the clients that persevered with us through the tough days of the move are now enjoying the 7pm cut off point and a better reaction to vehicle capacity issues or last minute urgent dispatch fulfilment.

The move has been almost a year in the making. Nottingham will remain our flagship site, with fresh white walls and over 14 dispatch benches, bespoke racking and Wi-Fi boosters installed throughout the three picking zones, we now finally have a building that matches the standard of our technology and this can only be a good thing for our clients.

Will we stop here? Absolutely not. We paused to take a breath in February and now in March we are looking at the next site in Ireland. This will help our clients both existing and new, serve the BT postcodes as well as a gateway into Europe, without having to integrate with a new partner or risk the pick accuracy and system lead processing that they have become accustomed to with CYNC.