The Beginners Guide to Using an Ecommerce Fulfilment Warehouse

You could have the best-looking ecommerce store on the internet. You can provide your users with a great user experience when they are on your site allowing them to easily order the products they want. You can even provide lower prices than your competition. However, if your customers’ orders are not shipped and do not arrive in a timely fashion then you will end up alienating your customer base and potentially leave yourself exposed to negative reviews and customers who do not return.

An ecommerce fulfilment warehouse has many advantages over taking on this aspect of your business yourself. Fulfilment warehouses can automate and handle the shipping of your items for you. Your inventory is stored at your fulfilment partner’s warehouse facility and, usually, an order will be automatically forwarded to them for them to pick and pack and then ship your customer’s order to them.

Due to the fact fulfilment warehouses ship huge amounts of items for multiple vendors shipping companies often provide them with preferential rates which are passed onto you, the ecommerce store owner. There is also a wide range of shipping options to choose from due to the providers integration with many of the major shipping companies giving you a host of shipping options. Choosing the right partner for your ecommerce fulfilment can also relieve you of the stress and give you back the time associated with completing your orders yourself.

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