How the UK Retail Sector is Changing.

The face of retail in the UK has changed dramatically over the past 25 years due, in no small part, to the advent and adoption of online retail. The high-street may be struggling as a result of this and recent closures of stores from very well recognised brands such as Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser only solidify the evidence the shoppers are increasingly using the internet to make their purchases. It is for this reason it is more important than ever to make your business stand out online with well-priced products, a memorable brand and excellent customer service.
It is not just the high-street that has been continually changing. eCommerce has evolved in such a way is that it is now simpler than ever to set up your own eCommerce site and begin selling your products. Technologies are improving all the time to make customers’ lives easier. Because of this it is more important than ever to keep up with the trends Having a great looking, functional website is step one in the process, but what about when your customers make an order? How do you ensure they have the best possible customer experience to guarantee they return to your store and buy again? Using a Third Party Logistics Company like Cync is one way to ensure that the whole process from order completion to order delivery is handled seamlessly. Our ecommerce fulfilment warehouse stores your items and we link up to your ecommerce site using our state of the art technology that is able to link with any ecommerce site. Once an order is received we then take care of the order picking and packing and the shipment. Our software keeps you, and perhaps more importantly, your customer, updated every step of the way and we work with a huge range of shipping companies meaning we can provide you the best option for your requirements. By keeping your customers informed of their order progress and delivering their items on time you are keeping them happy increasing the likelihood that not only they will use you again, but also that they will recommend you to someone they know.
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