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When B2C Fulfillment meets B2B Fulfillment
When your starting a brand you try and gain exposure in all the right places, from instagram to shelf space in top retail outlets. And that's exactly how best to describe our baby accessories brand.

When its your brand it really is personal and you have put your heart and sole into the development from the kitchen table to the manufacturers factory and ultimately to your customers nursery.

B2B Fulfillment requires the same diversity, speed and accuracy as standard Etail orders, but involves so much more than just picking and dispatching. Each retailer have the own DC specific standards and each company will place expectations of compliance which in turn need to be adhered to by your fulfillment partner.

Amazon Vendor Central have different processes to Seller Central. high street giants have a demand list similar to that of backstage  at Glastonbury. All of this ultimately brings cost to the small up and coming brand and business owner.

By setting your inventory up ready for this and combining it with some clever system if's and when's - costs can be controlled and systems automated to take the element of human error away from the mix.

When you are working on much smaller margins and greater quantities per order, its essential to get it right first time, every time.
  • Applying barcodes for both the individual item and the master carton allow for a master carton to be easily identified and picked as a single pick. This means it is charged as a single pick and the costs are instantly controlled.
  • Routing the system with rules to advise of a single item pick location and then a bulk pick location means that orders were picked much quicker and dispatched in master cartons with no additional packaging which not only saved money but also presented the stock in a format pre agreed with the recipient.
  • By dispatching in already supplied master cartons the weights and dims of each carton are already known. This enables the client to push forward with delivery bookings and collection requests without being held back by the shared admin services of the 3PL.
As well as the above, by having barcode numbers registered to master cartons and master carton quantities,. booking stock in became much quicker and as such reduced costs for the client but most importantly protected the integrity of the inventory and its accuracy. 


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