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Pick and Pack Services

As an eCommerce business, you want to be able to rest assured that your pick and pack fulfilment services are being well taken care of by a partner who has the expertise and technology to ensure everything goes as planned. By choosing Cync as your fulfilment partner you are guaranteed many years of combined industry expertise, along with state of the art storage facilities and highly tailored, bespoke software. We know that being a fulfilment centre is far removed from being just a warehouse which is why we have heavily invested in technology to guarantee that each client’s profile is handled with care and precision meaning your customers can be sure they will receive their items in a timely fashion. Not only can we dispatch anything, of any size, from our facility in under one minute we also provide real time notifications to the buyer, keeping them in the loop and happy. All of our warehousing, logistics and fulfilment services are driven by technology, keeping costs as low as possible.

Our internal IT department is also on hand to offer integrations with any sales platform with an API and we have already successfully linked with major platforms our existing clients are using such as Amazon, Ebay, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and many more. Our solution offers you one centralised point to manage your inventory and multi-channel order management.

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Our Promises to Help Your Ecommerce Fulfilment

By taking away the hassle of the Operations side of your company you are free to focus on other important aspects of your business. When you choose Cync to help with your ecommerce fulfilment issues you can be assured:
  • Any orders received before 5pm will be dispatched on the same day regardless of which carrier you are using. This cut off time can be extended to 7pm but this dependant on the carrier and the services they offer.
  • When your goods arrive at our Goods In depot our software will send you an alert. You are also sent a notification when your goods have been fully accounted for and confirmed which will be within 3 hours of their arrival to the depot.
  • If we receive any returned orders these are always rapidly process and, with three working days of the items arrival the processing will be complete.
  • Regular, weekly tests will be performed of random SKUs within your inventory. We do this to ensure that an accurate inventory is being kept which, ultimately helps in avoiding lost sales or overselling an item in depleted stock.
You will have complete visibility of all of your profile’s activity through our cloud based software. As well as all of the above our technology can also send notifications to alert you to low stock, any returned products and send update notifications to your various selling channels and customers.


Customer Driven Operations

The other thing that sets us apart from our competitors, other than our technology, is our people. We pride ourselves on having a huge amount of combined experience in the retail sector. It is because of our backgrounds that we know what is important to you and to your customers. Cync clients are given an Account Manager whose primary focus is to become an extension of your business. They will be on hand 24/7 to offer support to your business and will be able to provide you with help and recommendations should you require. Issues such as Quality Control, presale activity, low stock warnings and returns manifests. Your designated Account Manager can also work alongside you to set up automated shipping rules based on factors such as which would be fastest or cheapest.

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If you are interested in how we can help you with your picking and packing, 3PL logistics and distribution requirements then contact us on 0116 2884238 , email us on hello@cync.uk, or use one of our contact forms on the website.. One of our friendly team would be happy to talk you through our process, expalin how we can make your order fulfilment easier and answer any questions you may have.